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February 14, 2017

Posi Awards 2017

I have been nominated for a 2017 Posi Award for “One With Everything”, Amy Steinberg’s hit single, which I co-wrote with her.  I’m excited to go to Florida next week for the Empower Music Conference and Posi Awards.  Thanks, Amy, for letting me be part of such a great song with such a powerful message!

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Hi Gary, I only met you last Saturday 2/18/17 wait when you and Jami Lula arrived in Cocoa to prepare for your concert in Cocoa. Since I’ve come to know you, I can see what a really engaging and like a ball guy you are. However, I had no idea you were so humble. I knew this was the first Posi Music Festival you’ve ever attended. But you never even mentioned you’ve been nominated for an award! I love Amy Steinberg’s music, so if you co-wrote a song with her, I’m sure it’s a great song. I’m looking forward to seeing you perform at the festival. Lastly, I just want to say what an honor & a joy it has been to host you and Jami here in Rockledge (Cocoa.) Please know my door is open to you anytime you’d like to return to this part of Florida, whether you are coming for vacation or for work. Enjoy the festival and the rest of your tour. Blessings of love and light, Amy


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